Deva Curl


 The Deva Cutting technique is a revolutionary method for cutting curly hair. Our Deva Certified Specialists were inspired and taught from the best at the

Soho NY Deva Academy.




The hair is cut dry, simply because we wear our hair dry, not wet. The hair is then cut in its natural form, curl by curl, since curly hair and it's spring factor can be misinterpreted while wet.

This unique innovation allows your Curl Specialist to sculpt each and every hair texture, according to your individual curl, look and style. This is then followed by an extensive 3-step self curl lesson to take you beyond the salon.

Swavy / Wavy Curls 1 hour

Level 1            80

Level 2             85

Level 3             90

Level 4            95

  Level 5            100

Kerri     100


Botticelli / Corkscrew 1.5 hours

Level 1            110

Level 2             115

Level 3             120

Level 4            125

Level 5            130

Kerri      130

*a 15 charge per additional 15 minutes

may be added for extra time due to length and / or texture 

*Receive 15% off all Deva Take Home products

with your service


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